How to Easily Monetize Your Cigar Blog

Are you a cigar aficionado who wants to monetize your cigar blog?

In the United States alone, there are more than 12.4 million cigar smokers. Besides a past time that appeals to millions of people, it’s also very valuable.

According to Forbes, the worldwide value of the cigar industry is over $20 billion. With wide exposure and large revenues, how can you earn some income based on your knowledge and passion for cigars?

Read on to learn more about how to easily monetize your cigar blog.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketing program is a popular way to monetize a blog.

The agreement usually requires you to include links on your blog to specific products found on another website. If a visitor on your blog clicks on the link and purchases the product, you will receive a percentage of how much they spend.

Your cigar blog’s affiliate marketing program will be most effective if you promote products in your industry and ones you have used and recommended to other people.

Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are a great way to generate income and help establish yourself as an authority in the industry. It’s also a great way for you to try a cigar or other new product that you might not be familiar with.

A paid review is just what it sounds like. A cigar manufacturer or other company in the industry send you their product free of charge. Once you receive it, you use it and then write up a review about your experience.

For example, in a paid review for a new humidor, a company like the Cigar Humidor Guy may send you one of their travel cigar humidors. You would use it for a set amount of time and then write a blog post to give your readers the pros and cons of their product.

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By offering genuine reviews about cigars or other products, you can become a source of information for others. This can help increase traffic to your website and result in more opportunities for paid reviews.

Use Banner Ads

As you gain more traffic on your blog, a business may express interest in sponsoring your website.

A banner ad is an advertisement for a business that is placed on the top of your website or along the sidebar. A company will pay you an agreed-upon fee each month for the banner ad.

As your website continues to grow, you can offer more banner ads and increase your revenues.

Wrapping Up: Monetize Your Cigar Blog Today

Your blog can be much more than a way you to show your passion for cigars. You can easily monetize it by working hard to write good content and using these unique marketing efforts.

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