Infertility Blog: How to Tackle the Tough Subjects with Finesse

Have you been charged with handling the hard stuff? Whether you are writing for an infertility blog or just need to discuss a sensitive subject with someone, knowing how to talk about these things tactfully is extremely important.

Matters like infertility are very close to a person’s heart. It can be one of the most deeply difficult things to talk about, so you always want to make sure you do so respectfully.

If you need advice on tackling the tough subjects in an infertility blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we give you helpful hints for talking about the hard things of life in an approachable way that is sure to be well received by your audience, whether they are online or standing right in front of you.

Include Only the Facts

When you are dealing with sensitive subjects like infertility, you never want to gussy up your blog with overblown statements or excessive niceties. Include the facts, and include them in a delicate manner.

Never try to speak for others as you write. Being presumptuous or brazen in your infertility blog does not do anyone any good.

Stick to the facts of your own experience. Or, if you do not necessarily have personal experience in this subject, then stick to only the facts of what others have shared with you.

Do not speculate or make judgment calls about what another person may have felt, seen, or experienced.

When you are dealing with heartfelt and difficult subjects like infertility, it does not help to be callous or unfeeling. You certainly want to approach the subject gently and with the care and wellbeing of your audience in mind.

To do this, you should include the facts but present them in a kind and considerate way. Being harsh or blowing past things that are very hard to swallow will only serve to shock, sadden, and discourage your readers.

Whether you are writing about IVF treatments, miscarriages, surrogates, lost pregnancies, or the unique journey of a specific family, you should not dress up the facts. What you should do is present the truth warmly, handling it with the ultimate care and having a purpose in mind as you write.

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Do not write infertility blogs just for the sake of getting it out there. Have a reason in mind, like helping a couple review their options or encouraging someone who is facing this heartbreaking life situation.

Have a Specific Person in Mind as You Write

This tip can be really helpful when you are dealing with sensitive subjects.

Maybe you know someone who has suffered as the result of infertility. Whether that person is a loved one or just someone you’ve met, it can be helpful to picture them standing right in front of you as you write.

Imagine yourself having a conversation with them. Imagine that the things you are writing down, you are speaking to this person face-to-face.

Would your words change? How would you handle a conversation like that?

The amount of gentle words and patience you’d use in a real-life conversation should match the finesse you show as you pen your infertility blog.

You may even have struggled with infertility yourself.

If that’s the case, what would you want to say to yourself? What do you wish someone had said to you? What would you tell a younger version of yourself if you were coaching her through this difficult situation?

Putting your blog in this perspective is essential for writing with care, finesse, and a gentle and loving spirit. No one wants to talk about the tough stuff, but if you can do so in a tender way, you might be able to really help someone who is struggling.

Broach the Subject of Surrogacy Lightly

One option for women who are struggling with infertility due to their body’s inability to carry a child is to hire a surrogate. A surrogate mother can carry the embryo that has been produced by the egg and sperm of the couple who is looking to start a family.

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According to ConceiveAbilities, being a surrogate can often be just as heart-wrenching as being a mother who has to give up her baby at the end of the nine months. You should take this into consideration as you pen your blog.

If you feel the need to bring up the topic of surrogacy in your infertility blog, make sure to do so with the understanding that this may be a very new and potentially frightening concept to some people.

Whether you are encouraging your readers to consider surrogacy as an option or are sharing your own surrogacy story, make sure to broach this subject gently. There’s no reason to push an agenda on anyone.

Keep in mind that many people may not have even thought of this option.

Bringing it up may be just the thing they need to hear in order to start thinking about it, but if you shove it in their face, you may turn them off to an idea that would’ve been just right for their situation.

Looking to Start an Infertility Blog?

If you are an expert at handling the tough subjects when it comes to infertility, you may want to consider starting a blog.

Publishing a blog can really help people who are going through similar circumstances. Perhaps you have life experience in this same scenario, or perhaps you have been close to situations like this.

Whatever the case, if you are thinking about starting an infertility blog, you should definitely know how to handle the tough subjects correctly.

Treading lightly when it comes to these sensitive matters is key. If you step on people’s toes, offend them, or hurt their feelings, they’re not going to want to hear from you again.

This applies in real life as well as online.

For blogging tips and more, browse around our website for inspiration and ideas on how to get started.