Key Characteristics of a Great Blog Design

Your blog’s design is what will make it stand out from the many other blogs out there. Visitors are usually attracted to blogs which have well presented content and an attractive design.

The following are some of the key qualities of a great blog design.

1. High findability

A good blog design is that which allows visitors to easily find what they are looking for. You need to have a proper navigation design which will enable users to easily and quickly reach any part of your blog. A hierarchical/tiered navigation system is usually the most effective. In addition, you could use the sidebar of your pages to display popular posts, as well as recent posts. You could also include insert links to related content within your posts to make it easier for readers to access them.

2. Good readability

When it comes to blog design, readability is very important. You need to ensure that there enough contrast between your text color and the background color. In addition, you need to break down your content using headers, bullet points and paragraphs. Make sure there is enough space in between the lines to make your content easy to read. Finally, choose an appropriate font size for your text. In most cases, a font size of 12-14px would be sufficient.

3. A good comment section

The comment section is a very important part of any blog. This is where visitors share their thoughts on the subject at hand. You can encourage discussion by responding to comments and sharing your knowledge and expertise. This will show readers that you value their input and will encourage them to keep visiting your blog.

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4. Integration with social media sites

Add social media widgets to your blog so as to encourage your visitors to share your content. Some of the places where people would like to share your content include Twitter, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn and Google+. There are several applications available which can help you easily integrate social media with your blog.

5. A catchy header

The header/banner of your blog is very important for grabbing the attention of visitors. Therefore, take time to create a catchy design for your header which will remain in the memories of your visitors. However, make sure the design matches the content and overall theme of your blog.

6. Use powerful images

Images can be very effective in enhancing the appeal of your blog. To make your images more meaningful, make sure you include appropriate captions. Even when you are sharing numerical data, you can make your posts more attractive by using charts and graphs. This makes it easier for readers to make sense out of the data being presented.

7. An attractive post title design

The headline is the first thing readers notice in a post. It is the main thing which determines whether someone will go on to read the entire post or not. However, readers are not only attracted to the wording, but also the appearance of the header. Therefore, remember to use large, bold and attractive fonts for your headings.

Guest Post by Charles Mburugu :
Charles Mburugu has a great passion for sharing blogging and web development tips. At the moment, he is writing for MotoCMS templates.

20 thoughts on “Key Characteristics of a Great Blog Design”

  1. That’s nice, I guess the only part I can’t help it is the header part. I mean, I don’t have a special design for it, it is just a shaped header, with black background a logo on the left and a adsense unit on the right.

  2. hey Kimathic!
    nice post. really interesting and informative post. and yeah there should be a good commenting section. we can also get feedback through comments, and can use those comments as catalyst for our blogs. we can clear the concepts of people if they have any question regarding to our blog posts.
    Thanks for such an incredible post.

  3. Good tips, Kimathic. For sure these are some of the most important things to make a blog to stand out of the crowd. However I think that it is more important for most bloggers to start thinking about next generation of blogging with better interaction and additional features.

  4. I feel that this a great list, but wish you also posted some Do Nots. Such as do not use Google Adsense (nobody clicks on them and makes your website look cheesy). I also feel that search on a blog isn’t used much, compared to a hierarchy system. I know when I have to search, I just use google and do a site search. (I guess looking back on that, that may be considered “advanced” for the average Google user.)

    Anyway, nice post, you just gained another reader!

  5. very good post on blog design. You are right. We must take care of all these things if we want to have a successful blog. Because design is equally important as content

  6. Many thanks Kimathic for the insights, much appreciated. Your speech is simple and easy-to-read. I definitely agree with your points number 5 and 7. A nice Web Design can impact and arouse the curiosity of your reader. You must catch them on your Blog and keep them active with some intelligent interactions ! Thanks again.

  7. Awesome fundamental tips for aspiring bloggers. These are definitely some useful tips to consider while thinking to start a new blog. Thank you for sharing. Content is definitely KING, but design is that much more important. No questions.

  8. Blog design is as much important as content .Like content design should have quality and uniqueness That attract visitors .Great point well detailed social media interaction is the another star

  9. Awesome Post Kimathic ! I think that it is more important for most bloggers to start thinking about next generation of blogging with better interaction and additional features.

  10. These days there are blogs where you can’t find where the blog is. It becomes really difficult design is to simplify things not confuse.

  11. Great blog design, it is nothing but an attractive and a catchy design which provides the visitors an awesome user interface. The navigation of the blog is the key character of the great blog design.

  12. Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas abot making backlinks..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

  13. Hey Salman. Well put.
    I’d like to add that having an user friendly and speedy navigation facility is something every blog needs if its to be called GREAT.

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