Solid Proof Why Your Blog Needs Brand Building Today

Every day the internet is used by a lot of people who use it for getting information about their favorite brands and watching brand advertisements. In this way, people or customers want a lot of variety and quality in the products due to which products are becoming more and more competitive.

Moreover, as the demands and tastes of the new generations differ from those of the older ones, past brands, despite of being famous for a long time, have now become uninteresting and conventional.

The changing trends in branding

The brands which were famous and were admired at some time are slowly being considered as too haughty and that people now want a change in the way brands promote themselves. Hence, those old brands are not as famous among the customers as they once used to be.

In this way, companies started to launch new ideas and new way of promoting the brand and making new brand buildings. Hence, companies have used a new technique according to the new demands and new
situation and that technique is to prop up brands through the customers.

In this way, people who are the clients of the brands are invited to play a part and converse about the quality of the brands. Surprisingly, that new method is not even expensive and hard to adopt but it is very easy to adopt and launch.

The opportunity for Bloggers

An important part to note here is that this technically puts a company and a single blogger/webmaster on the same grounds. This opportunity must utilized by all bloggers and webmasters in order to build their brand and make it grow over time to increase their readership and influence in their respective markets.

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Furthermore, companies have now started to realize the benefits associated to a presence on the internet and so they have developed websites because they are aware of the fact that internet access is easily available to the customers.

In this way, the new ideas and the quality and choice of the brands is discussed on the internet and this is being used as a way of promoting the brands through internet. Moreover, many large companies have selected and adopted this methods a major means of promoting their brands.

Similarly, smaller companies can also use the same technique used by the larger companies for brand building. Moreover, the conventional way of brand building used by the small stores, in which stores attract those clients who know them very well, is now being used by larger companies.

Why you need to give importance to Brand Building

Brand building is a must-have for any blog today, and we have many renowned examples in the blogosphere who have benefited from brand building. John Chow, Shoemoney and Copy blogger are only a few examples of the idea of brand building.

It is important to note here that they weren’t born into the blogosphere with authority; however they have built it over time by providing quality content and maintaining their brand. Moreover, many new bloggers are following in their footsteps, and so should everybody else.

So, what brand building measures are you taking on your website, and if not, then why?

Guest Post by Abdul Rehman Agha :
Abdul Rehman Agha is an internet marketer who blogs at 3arn.Net. He is currently running a very interesting Blog Traffic Challenge on his blog and he recommends you to check it out. He welcomes your comments through his Twitter profile.

7 thoughts on “Solid Proof Why Your Blog Needs Brand Building Today”

  1. I think brand building is more important now that ever. The sheer volume of online stores means you need to be able to differentiate yourself in consumers minds. In addition Google seems to give more and more weight to “brands” in its rankings so if you haven’t started to develop yours then you need to get started ASAP! Good post, by the way!

    1. I completely agree with Gary’s comment. The big G is giving importance to brands in their search rankings ever since panda and penguin updates. One must work towards getting more domain and page authority to rank better in search results.

  2. I am into business recently, and I would say, branding is a very important element in every successful busienss. And, blogging is actually a business, and we shall treat it as a business if we plan to share our passion and content and start monetizing them. Wait until a business reach a certain level, I believe that brand is the key to success. That’s why many people in the world can make nice and tasty hamburgers than McDonald but they do not get as much business volume as McDonald. It’s all about brand! Great post you’ve here!

  3. One way to set a good brand, is to utilize design professionals. You should make sure that you have a good logo that is perfect for your website, as well as the meaning behind it. You can’t just set any picture or doodle as a logo. You need to give proper symbols to make your visitors remember you better.

  4. Hello,
    With too much of competition from various quarters this was bound to happen. Brand building becomes inevitable if you want to stay in the race. Blogs with uniqueness in every way (Content, brand name) only get noticed.
    Sanjib Saha

  5. I believe having brand building is more catchy than nothing at all. there is a lot of bloggers out there and it is not far belief that you can be more popular through your brand!

  6. Hi Abdul, I am agree with you. In my opinion Brand building is most important. Its giving importance to brand In their Search engine ranking since panda. You should make sure that you have a good logo and You need to give proper symbols to make your visitors remember you better. Really This is the one way to set a good Brand.. Well thanks for sharing this post.

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