Successful Social Media Marketing: How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

One of the most widely-used social media platforms worldwide, the vast majority of adults who are active on any social media regularly browse Facebook.

But what does that mean for your business? Well, it means you’re going to want to head over (after you finish this article, of course!) to fire up your business’s Facebook page.

Besides the basic fact of being placed at the disposal of a massive percentage of your business’s audience, promotion of your business through Facebook can provide endless benefits. If you haven’t hopped on the Facebook-train already, you’d better flag it down right now!

For 5 of our top tips on how to promote your business on Facebook, keep reading!

1. Make the Most of Your Page

Your business’s Facebook page, like its website, can serve as a super-lucrative marketing tool-or a 24/7 salesman, if you will. If you’re hoping to make the most of your social media marketing efforts, it’s important to start by fleshing out your company’s personal Facebook page.

Be sure your Facebook page has all the content it needs-fill out the “About” sections, the contact information, and the profile photo fields. This will prove helpful for a number of reasons, but especially because it will provide customers with much of the basic information they need, and it gives your page enough credibility to be trusted.

Use your Facebook page to help build and establish your company’s brand. Consider the sorts of content your target audience would most like to see and do your best to channel that.

Once the basic elements of your page are set, it’s important to be strategic and careful with the content you post. Put out a variety of media, and pay attention to how your audience reacts! Posting to your company’s Facebook page on a regular basis is an important habit to have if you’re hoping for your Facebook efforts to support your marketing agenda overall-check out these tips for more ways to make this happen.

2. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

You’ve probably seen these yourself if you’ve spent any amount of time on Facebook: The little square advertisements found along the margins of your Facebook browsers. These ads are referred to as “Marketplace Ads,” and they can play a serious role in promoting your business using Facebook.

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Marketplace Ads include an image, a headline, a small caption, and a link that enables users to “Like” your page, or leads to your Facebook page, website or blog, or other relevant web destination. This form of advertising can be extremely effective for increasing likes or driving website clicks.

The cost of Facebook advertising varies based on things like market and competition-but you may want to give it a test-drive in order to see what sort of return on your investment you might expect to see. The good thing about Facebook ads is that, even for Facebook users who aren’t currently followers of your page, your company’s name and the opportunity to become a follower might just show up under our noses.

3. Promote Posts Often

In order to push your Facebook content with your current followers, you should consider purchasing promoted post space from Facebook. With this method of advertising, you’ll pay a flat rate to Facebook with the agreement that the social network will guarantee an agreed-upon number of users view your post.

Unlike content that’s filtered through Facebook’s (sometimes tough-to-crack) algorithm, your promoted posts are sure to be seen. 

Even though you may have lots of followers, the way Facebook’s newsfeed is set up means that the majority of your followers could log onto Facebook only to be swamped by loads of other posts-and never even make it down to your content. Paying Facebook a flat rate can help ensure that hordes of posts don’t count your content out from being seen.

Promoting one Facebook post per month-or on some other relative schedule-can help you be sure that your company’s name and content is staying in the forefront of a good selection of your followers’ minds.

4. Host Facebook Contests & Promos

So, speaking of those followers: It’s important to remember that the only way your posts will do well (aside from paying for them to do so) is when your followers take the time to interact with your content. Each time someone responds to/likes/shares your post, it has a little better chance of being seen by additional followers.

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In order to boost follower-interactions and spread your content more widely, you should consider hosting Facebook contests and promotions. Work these into your overall marketing campaigns and sit back as your company reaps the benefits!

We’ve all seen the posts-like this post, tag 3 friends, and share our photo to be considered for this giveaway! Offering followers an incentive-however minor-often proves to be just what businesses need in order to snag a few new followers and to remind current followers of their awesome services.

If you’ve noticed a recent lull in customer-interaction, consider hosting a small contest or promotion. Oh, and remember to reply to followers when they comment on your posts!

5. Monitor Facebook Analytics

One of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign is taking the time to monitor said campaign’s analytics. While many website analytics and other social media stats have to be monitored through Google, Facebook pages actually offer built-in analytics! It’s super-important that you take advantage of these.

Facebook analytics offer insight into things like how well your posts are serving your company. They help you see how much of your audience you’re managing to connect with-and they might just provide some perspective as to how you can go about improving your outreach.

If you’re hoping to run a truly successful Facebook marketing campaign, it’s imperative that you keep up on your analytics. Learn from the data, then adjust accordingly!

Want More on How to Promote Your Business on Facebook?

Social media is a great way to promote your business and advance your digital marketing strategy. Because of the vast audiences Facebook hosts, this social network can be the perfect place to start with-or round out-your social media outreach.

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