The Common Types of SEO: A Basic Guide

Are you trying to get traffic to your website? Have you read up on search engine optimization (SEO) but still feel confused. SEO is a hugely important factor, and knowing even the basics can help you go a long way. 

There are a few main areas that you must pay attention to when improving your website and its traffic. Here’s a guide on the main types of SEO. 


Keywords are one of the most important SEO types. They are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to come up with an answer to their problem or question. If you have that keyword in your content, it shows that you are able to solve the problem and you have more chance of being shown on a search engine. 

If you are creating a blog, then keywords need to appear in certain places, such as headers and the introduction. Keywords can also be used in images and in video content. Finding them is an art in itself, so visit here for professional assistance on getting the best ones for your business. 


As well as keywords, your website needs authority to make it rank in the search engines. Authority is an indication of how knowledgeable and trusted your website is. Large, well-established websites will have huge authority while newer, less-used ones tend to have less. 

Page authority is determined by a number of factors. They can include how much traffic the site is getting along with how long people stay on your website (bounce rate). However, one of the most important is backlinks.

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Backlinks are an indicator to the search engines about the content on your site and how authoritative it is. They act as a road sign, pointing in the direction of content that is applicable. The more backlinks you have, the higher your authority will become. 

However, that does not mean every backlink is good. Links should come from authoritative sites themselves, adding some credence to your credibility. In fact, spammy, low authority websites can even harm your SEO rating. 


Optimization is a term used to cover a number of topics that show how well your actual website itself works. These are included by search engines in your authority. You can have both on and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization is fixing the things you have control of on your website. They include the usability, the speed with which it loads, and how friendly it is on mobile devices. 

Off-page optimization refers to factors outside your website. They include backlinks and the amount of traffic coming from search engines and social channels. 

For a successful website, both of these need the utmost attention. This then needs to be combined with a regular content schedule to get people coming to your site. 

Combining Types of SEO

Once you combine the types of SEO, you should start to see results. However, it is a long process, and each of the aforementioned is more complex than the sum of its parts. Consider getting professional assistance to speed up the process. 

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