Top 10 Simple SEO Solutions to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

It takes a lot of work to figure out how to monetize a blog and turn it into a strong source of income. You have to work on your branding approach, figure out your niche, make yourself known, and know how to close a sale.

But, one of the most important aspects of monetizing a blog is boosting your site traffic. The more people you have visiting your website, the more conversions (sales) you’re bound to get. Not to mention, your level of authority and overall popularity will continue to grow as more and more people start visiting your site.

How can you get such a surge in traffic, though?

With the help of these SEO solutions!

Use the following 10 tactics to improve the traffic rates your site is getting.

1. Try Publishing Different Kinds of Content

Here’s the thing: as much as you may love writing how-to’s or talking about your personal experiences, you may need to diversify your content a bit. Try writing listicles or answering the common questions you often get from users.

Think outside the box and figure out what your audience really wants to read. Then, write the content they’re looking for, and try to make every new blog post better than the last.

2. Engage on Social Media

Keep in mind that your blog’s traffic isn’t something that stands alone. If you build a stronger social media following, an increase in site traffic is bound to follow.

Create a business page for your blog if you haven’t already and start to post your new blogs on your social media. Make an effort to reach out to followers and engage them in conversation. “Like” their comments, share what they have to say about you, and comment back to them.

3. Focus on Building Your Email List

If you really want to leverage your social media presence, use it to build your email list. This gives you a direct introduction to your users.

Email campaigns allow you to send personalized emails. It makes people notice you as you pop up in their inbox, which is a much more memorable interaction than when they scroll past you on social media.

Plus, emails are a great opportunity to recycle some of your old content or to give users a sneak peek of what you’re working on. There are endless ways to strengthen your relationships and turn them into more traffic (and sales) via email.

4. Guest Post

Another thing that can bring more traffic to your website is actually to write a blog for someone else’s. This is the practice of guest posting.

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Guest posting allows you to share your insights with the audience of another website. It introduces you to a whole new group of online users who could benefit from the content you produce and the products/services you have for sale. But, it’s up to you to reach them via guest posting before they start visiting your site!

5. Appear on Podcasts

The reason guest posts work so well is that users are more likely to trust you when they find you via another website they already trust. There’s a similar effect that happens when you start appearing on podcasts.

The loyal listeners of a certain podcast will be more interested in who you are and what you do when you appear on a new episode.

These are people who may be hearing from you for the very first time. Or, they may be aware of your brand but have yet to have a strong connection with it. Either way, talking to them via someone else’s podcast can do wonders for your site’s traffic.

6. Start Making Videos

Sometimes, the answer to your site’s traffic issue isn’t to go elsewhere – it’s to try a completely different approach. Instead of reaching out to other people to guest post or appear on a podcast, try turning your blogs into videos.

Think about it: you’ve already written a how-to on something your users are interested in. Why not turn that blog into a three to five-minute video that allows you to present the material in a new, more interactive manner?

The benefits of this tactic are incredible. Not only does it reach your users on a more personal level, but it generates even more content for Google bots to crawl and your search rankings to improve.

If SEO, in general, seems a bit intimidating to you, it might be time to invest in some sort of professional support like that of Blue Atlas Marketing.

7. Research Your Target Audience Again

Consider this for a second: maybe your issue with generating traffic isn’t so much about your content as it is your audience. Maybe you’ve got your target audience all wrong and that’s why you’re having such a hard time building traffic.

Even if you think you’ve got your ideal consumer defined down to a T, it’s worth looking back over the persona you’ve created. Do a little more research to see just how “spot on” your idea of your target audience is. Ask yourself how you can better position your site to be something they can easily find and want to interact with.

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8. Create an Amazing Product

You’re bound to be more desirable to your audience if you have something of value to offer them — and the information on your blog posts isn’t enough.

Go beyond that. Think about what kind of product you can create that readers would be dying to get their hands on. Maybe it’s an online course, maybe it’s a one-on-one service, maybe it’s a group to learn from and collaborate with. Whatever you want to create, get to work on it now and start building the hype for it, too.

9. Offer Sneak Peeks of Content or Free Content

Building hype is super important as you’re building your next online course or getting ready to take on new coaching clients. This makes users stop and pay attention. It gets current users talking about you more and it catches the eye of new potential users who haven’t interacted with your site yet.

Your version of a sneak peek may be going live on Instagram or it may be a freebie you send out via email before the finished product comes out. Whatever it is, make sure you have it ready to go to boost site traffic and prepare for your launch!

10. Encourage User-Generated Content

This is arguably the most interesting traffic-building tip on the list.

Your audience is one of the biggest assets you have. When you get users to write reviews about your blog and share your posts with other people, you’re expanding your reach significantly. You’re building your audience even more and establishing better connections with the users you’ve already reached.

Plus, you’re improving your reputation while doing so.

SEO Solutions to Boost Traffic, Conversions, and Everything in Between!

You can have the best product available on the internet right now and still be struggling to make a sale. How is this possible? Because you need to figure out basic SEO solutions like how to build traffic and create more conversions!

These things are the lifelines of your blog. You need them in order to build a successful online business. But luckily, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

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