Top 10 Tips For Generating Medicare Supplement Leads

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, by 2030, for the first time, the United States will have more individuals that are 65 and older than children.

More people turning age 65 and older means more individuals will need medicare supplement insurance.

If you are selling medicare insurance and are looking to increase sales, keep reading to find the top 10 tips for generating Medicare supplement leads. 

1. Boost Social Media Efforts

Each year, more and more individuals age 65 and older are joining social media to keep up with events going on in their family’s lives. 

Close to two-thirds of adults ages 50-64 are now on Facebook, and for those 65 and older, 43% are on social media. You can effectively generate Medicare supplement leads through the use of Facebook and other social media apps. 

You can provide educational materials and updates through your social media account. Here, you can inform those who need dental, vision, and hearing insurance for seniors that they can obtain such coverage through you.

2. Write Engaging Content

Companies are developing innovative strategies to increase their chances of showing up on google when searching for specific things that relate to their business. This is done through a process called search engine optimization

You, too, can reap the benefits of search engine optimization by doing some basic research and determining what keywords people will be searching for when looking for medicare supplement insurance. 

Engaging content can bring in new leads and can also help close sales by educating the audience and showing them why they need medicare supplement insurance, such as Medigap plan f.

3. Utilize Live Transfer Leads

Live transfer leads involve transferring potential leads who have already undergone a pre-screening process. The pre-screening process is used to determine if the lead is qualified or not, meaning the leads you get from this process are of high quality.

Using this method allows you to generate more qualified leads without having to cold call and outreach, saving you time and money. 

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Keep in mind the Medicare supplement leads that you receive from this method you will have to purchase, but will also give you a higher close rate.

4. Start a Podcast

Podcasts can reach a broad range of people and is a great place to talk about and educate listeners about medicare insurance. 

According to research from Nielsen, 55% of the United States population has listened to a podcast, which is up from 51% just a year ago. 

Creating a podcast is a relatively straightforward process that requires little overhead and can generate excellent returns for you. Consider having guest speakers come and talk on your podcast, as this will help with your credibility.

5. Create an Educational Website

If you are selling any product or service in this day in age, you should be utilizing the web. 

Statistics from PEW Research Center shows 90% of adults use the internet. This trend has been steadily increasing since 2000 when about half of adults used the internet. 

With so many people online, it is essential to make sure your presence is known online, and you are doing all you can to generate leads. Creating an educational website will allow for people who are looking into medicare insurance to find you and be able to buy from you. 

6. Hold Events

Another way of generating medicare supplement leads is to hold events to increase awareness. 

The events don’t have to be big. They can be something simple, like a cookout or attending a local sporting event. Holding these events will create awareness for you and the product you are selling. It will also give you the chance to meet people face to face and build lasting relationships with your clients.

You can also look into attending local events that are being hosted. Most cities will have a directory you can look at to see what events are going on and who to contact.

7. Make a Video

Video marketing is increasingly becoming the preferred way of communication among web surfers.

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Creating a video will give you a chance to promote yourself through a creative new channel and will reach a different audience. 90% of individuals believe that product videos are helpful while making a decision. 

Product videos are meant to be simple, short, and to the point. Try putting the focus on the benefits instead of the actual product itself for better results.

8. Email 

Email distribution is still an effective way of generating leads. Email is one of the most popular forms of communication and is often checked multiple times throughout the day.

The trick with email marketing is to keep it simple and educational. People’s inboxes are flooded with junk emails all-day, so to avoid being moved to the trashcan like those others, it is recommended to not come off as “trying to sell.” 

9. Client Referal Programs

One of the most effective ways of getting your name out there is through word of mouth. If one of your clients is satisfied with you and your service, they will recommend you to their friends and family. 

When a recommendation is coming from a family member or close friend, they feel more secure doing business with you and will generate high quality leads for you. 

You can also incentivize the referral program and offer a small gift in return for referring you and bringing business in.

10. Use the Turning 65 Databases

Using the Turning-65 mailing lists and databases will give you instant access to high-quality prospects that fit your target consumer.

These databases provide information on individuals turning 65 and over that will be potential clients and might need your service.

For More on Generating Medicare Supplement Leads

After reading through this list, you should have a good idea of what to do for generating Medicare supplement leads. Now it’s your turn to utilize this information and start growing your business.

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