Top 5 Branding Tools Every Clinic Should Use

Everywhere you turn there are brands that are making an impact. Branding is not limited to jeans and sodas. In fact, it’s part of every business, including the medical world.

So, where do you start? Here’s where branding tools come in handy!

We’re taking you through the most powerful tools that are helping clinics today! Whether you’re a small practice or always have a bustling waiting room, there’s something for everyone!

1. The Power of Storytelling

While this is not a tool in the traditional sense, it deserves recognition.

Clinics have a unique opportunity in areas where many businesses lack. Dealing with any medical treatment is a nail-biting, vulnerable endeavor. Show the human side of your clinic with real stories, real results, written with compassion and care.

2. A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Create vibrant images for free with Canva’s incredible selection of stock photography and layouts in virtually any size you can imagine. Did we mention that it’s free?

Use Canva images to create social media posts, blog headers, or even design your e-newsletter

Every clinic, from obscure focuses to a vasectomy clinic, can craft images and content in a way that evokes feelings of calm, trust, and heart.

3. Connect With Your Audience in Every Way

Posting on Facebook means nothing if no one sees it. Spread your social networks easily with WiseStamp.

WiseStamp links your social media platforms in adjustable icons that are incorporated into your email signature. It may seem like it won’t make that much of a difference but you never know who will click, browse, and follow!

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4. Produce Honest, Consistent Posts

Social media is part of business whether you like it or not. Speaking freely, we love it!

Social media is giving businesses more of a voice than ever before. Patients can connect with your clinic, ask questions, like, share, and voice their gratitude or concerns that you can answer quickly.

Honestly, it’s a marketers dream come true when used correctly.

However, when you’re running a clinic, social media is the last thing on your mind.

Schedule posts in advance with platforms like Sprout Social and Hootsuite. These easy to use platforms allow you to schedule and post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Set aside some time to set up, schedule posts, and let them do the rest!

5. Blogging With A Purpose

The most important branding tools are in your very own digital backyard. Blogging is an indispensable, practical way to build an audience, introduce what your clinic is all about, and provide essential information.

Blogs allow you to answer common questions, show a more personal side to your business, and build your voice. Are you a warm, friendly clinic? Do you prefer to stick to the facts to find medical solutions? Whatever your practice is, there’s room for a blog.

More Branding Tools for Your Clinic

The list doesn’t end here! There are dozens of tools your clinic can use to dominate the desktop and mobile sides of your business.

Check out more ways your clinic can use effective branding that turns interested readers into patients.