10 Tremendous Traffic Tricks to Get More Visitors to Your Site

No matter what business you have, website customers are necessary for the success of your business. The easiest way to attract more customers is by using smart marketing methods.

With digital marketing, increasing business exposure is easier than it ever was.

But this also means you’re under heavy competition in a highly saturated market.

The key to standing out from the masses is attracting more website visitors. More website traffic is the key to better Google search results and you’ll be able to convert those website visitors into customers.

Here are 10 effective ways to increase online traffic. Most of these methods you can do DIY and for free.

1. Advertise

First and foremost, advertising is key. There are different advertising options and it’s easy to gain exposure through your ads. Examples include Google AdWords, PPC, social media advertising and video advertising.

Ads don’t only build more website traffic. They also help increase visitor conversions and create more leads.

The key to successful advertising is knowing the secrets behind each advertising method. Do your research and don’t be surprised if a successful advertising strategy takes some trial and error.

2. Use Social Media

Social media marketing offers a more proactive marketing approach. You’re the one who constantly posts, engages, and circulates different aspects about your company.

This is why social media marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods.

There are different social media platforms for each industry. Twitter and Instagram are great to post short and creative posts, images and videos. LinkedIn helps you connect with other professionals in your niche.

3. Have Different Forms of Content

Consistency is key when it comes to content. But you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up. Certain blogs require more words or more media than other blogs.

Some messages get across stronger with infographics than with words.

You also have different customers who respond better to different types of content.

While you should have consistent branding throughout your content, there’s no magic formula. Get creative and use the content strategy that works best.

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4. Write Great Headlines

When attracting visitors to your blog, great headlines are the key to tempt them.

While your content should be well-written and keyword-rich, your headlines are the main deciding factor for a reader. A poorly written headline can deter someone from visiting your blog, which ruins your conversions.

Take as much time for your headlines as you do for your content. Write different headlines and decide which one will gain the most traffic. You can also ask a colleague to help you collaborate on your headlines.

5. Use On-Page SEO

If you have a website, you probably know SEO is one of the most vital aspects of your digital marketing campaign. But now, there are so many SEO variations.

Even though they’re all important, on-page SEO is one of the most important SEO strategies.

Examples of on-page SEO includes image alt tags, meta descriptions, and internal and external linking. These tactics speak to Google’s language; search engines will easily find your website and can prove your legitimacy.

6. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Say you want to find a great brand of dog food for your dog. How would you search this in Google? Would you search “dog food?” Or would you search, “what are the best dog food brands?”

Maybe you’ll search “what are the best dog food brands for chihuahuas?” Or, “what are the best dog food brands for senior dogs?”

These search terms are called long-tail keywords. They’re full sentences that more people use in Google searches. These terms rank better and will generate better SEO value.

7. Start Guest Blogging

Have you ever heard of backlinking? When other blogs link to your website, this tells Google you’re an influencer and they should promote your blog more. But here’s the catch: you don’t have to be a major online celebrity to get backlinks.

This is the beauty of guest blogging. You can write a blog for another website and attach some of your links. Google will promote your website but also the publisher’s blog.

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8. Don’t Forget About Traditional Digital Marketing

Because of the great SEO and digital marketing strategies, most website owners forget about traditional marketing methods such as email marketing. But this is a major myth.

Many people rely on traditional media, such as email. They don’t search Google and don’t use social media. They will use email for educational and awareness purposes.

For best results, tailor your email marketing campaign for personalization. Refer to your subscribers by name and automate different promotions and other aspects that are tailored to their needs, such as their shopping habits.

In addition, text message marketing is also effective. There are many services that offer texting for small businesses. These services send promotions directly to your customers’ phones.

9. Design a Responsive Website

Mobile is taking over. But this doesn’t mean your website should only be optimized for mobile view. Your website visitors will also access your website through their desktop and tablets.

To ensure all website visitors have a positive experience, create a website that’s responsive for all devices. For best results, hire or outsource a web designer.

10. Speed is Key

Along with a responsive website, a fast website will also deliver positive conversions.

If your website is loading slowly or your visitors are bombarded with too many ads, you’re pretty much telling your visitors to visit your competitor’s website.

As a general rule, your website shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds to load.

Visit your website. If it’s running slow, call a website expert and tend to that issue immediately.

Use These Tricks and Increase Your Online Traffic

The easiest way to gain new customers is to increase your online traffic. But you can’t gain web traffic with magic. These tricks help engage website visitors and keep them on your website, converting your website visitors to customers.

Use a combination of social media, content, and expert web design to deliver results.

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