3 Ways Guest Blogging Can Increase Your SEO Ranking

With literally over 150 million blogs on the internet, there’s a lot of competition for the attention of readers.

In order to help one another to stand out and build an audience, an increasing number of contributors are now hired as guest bloggers. One of the best methods in how to improve your website ranking is to combine forces with another blogger for more readers.

While you may feel that you have the best handle on your own voice, just like listening to yourself talk all day, it’s refreshing to hear another voice in the room. Finding a guest blogger to contribute to your website shows your audience that you know all of the best people.

Guest bloggers will also appreciate the opportunity to widen their audience and talk about new subjects in new ways. Here are the top three ways in how to improve website ranking through adding a guest blogger to the mix.

1. Brand New Content

If there’s one thing that will help you broaden your audience, it’s the chance to hear ideas presented in a new way. You’ll also find that search engines will reward you with high SEO rankings. Fresh content will get you the bump in results that you’re looking for.

Having a guest blogger bring in new information every week will give you the opportunity to broaden your brand in a new way. Combined keywords will allow you to appear in search results that you wouldn’t have appeared in otherwise.

This way, your blog will help you build higher rankings than your competition. Meanwhile, you’ll build new relationships with a new audience. Search engines will reward you and you’ll see a notable and steady spike in your analytics.

Having the right host can also help your analytics. To find the right host, click for more options on how a new host can help your site.

2. Ignite Your Keywords

While keywords used to be the main method of getting attention from search engines, they’re less important than they used to be. In fact, padding your keywords now means you could get flagged by search engines.

Your keywords need to serve a purpose for modern web crawlers. As they search through your site to index it, web crawlers rate keywords for context. If you’re new to blogging, find out more on how to make sure your keywords add to your success.

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Find out the ways that people find your site and search for sites like yours. Run a few searches trying to find your company and see what terms bring up your closest competitors.

Have your guest blogger use these keywords when possible. This will allow your use of keywords to seem more natural and get your rankings higher. Take feedback from your guest blogger on how to improve website ranking.

3. Build Your Social Media Audience

When you connect your blogs to your social media accounts, you’ll see your audience grow much more broadly than it would on its own. This kind of multiplier is also applicable when you connect to a guest blogger.

By connecting your guest blogger’s social media audience to your own, your website ranking has the opportunity to skyrocket. And when you start appearing on multiple social media accounts, search engines will reward you with high SEO rankings.

One of the best strategies for how to improve website ranking is to use social media. Keep your terms and keywords in your meta descriptions and titles and you’ll see your ranking climb up the charts.

Finding A Guest Blogger

Your next goal is to figure out which guest blogger would be good for your site. If you’ve already established relationships with other bloggers on other sites, that’s a great place to start. If you’re a new kid on the block, you might have to do a little bit of cold calling.

Follow these three tips for finding your guest blogger:

1. Find Your Niche

Your guest blogger’s content needs to reflect your style. It’s also important that your guest blogger adds a new perspective to your brand. Find someone who knows about your field but who comes from a different background.

Google will rank you highly based on the other websites that link to you. Backlinks are the bread and butter of SEO results.

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Find a guest blogger related to your niche so you can add lots of natural backlinks and keep traffic moving.

2. Find Quality Sites

Once you’ve decided on a few potential sites that are related to your niche, you have to decide which sites are high quality and which aren’t.

One method of how to improve website ranking is to make sure that the audience of your guest blogger matches your target customer. They don’t have to match 100%, but it’s important that they have some overlap.

See that their audience is also highly engaged. If your guest blogger’s site is full of spammy comments and posts, you could be inviting spammers to take over your site.

Look at your guest blogger’s content distribution strategy. Feel free to ask questions about their strategy. The clearer they are, the better of a candidate they are for a guest blogger.

3. Guest Blogger’s Domain Authority

If you want your guest blogger contributing to how to improve website ranking, you should take a look at their metrics.

Domain authority is one of the most important metrics for a website’s SEO ranking. You build domain authority through brand authority, which is when repeat visitors come to you because they trust your site.

Domain authority should be your goal in figuring out how to improve website ranking. Having domain authority will have search engines doing the work for you and directing traffic in your direction.

How To Improve Website Ranking

Improving your website ranking by hiring a guest blogger or guest blogging service won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to build relationships with several guest bloggers over time. It will help you by building your site’s relationship with other bloggers while gathering a new audience.

As you visit other bloggers, be sure to follow them on social media. They’ll follow you back and help build your audience in an organic way, whether you work together or not.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to improve website ranking, contact us for more advice how to get the traffic you want.