5 Keys to Getting Landing Pages That Convert

Are your advertising campaigns not performing?

If so, you might need to improve your landing pages. Good ads draw people in, but your landing pages need to be easy to read and streamlined so that you convert visitors into qualified leads. 

Creating a successful landing page isn’t always easy. To help you get started, here are five tips that will help you create landing pages that convert: 

1. Write a Good Headline 

The headline is one of the most important elements of a landing page. It’s usually the first thing on the page, so it needs to grab a visitor’s attention right away. If your headline isn’t strong, no one will read the rest of the copy on the landing page. 

As general rules, your headline should be direct and explain exactly what you’re selling. Ask yourself what the prospect on your landing page wants and how your business delivers it to them? Your headline should also be short, no more than twenty words. 

2. Keep Everything Simple 

A cluttered landing page will overwhelm visitors, and they might not know what to do. If they can’t figure out what they’re reading, they will likely click off the page, and your business will lose a potential customer. 

Make sure your landing page is straightforward, with minimal copy, one headline, and one call to action. 

3. Use Visuals 

Visuals are another important element of every successful landing page. A landing page that is only words will look unprofessional and boring to a viewer. Visuals draw people in, so you should include them at the top of your landing page. 

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Make sure the visuals make sense for your company and the product you’re selling. Your landing page should also have your company name and logo so that you’ll build brand awareness. 

All the visuals you use on your landing page should be clear, high-quality images. Never use poor-quality visuals as it will look unprofessional. 

4. Be Clear 

Your prospects won’t convert if they don’t know exactly what they’re going to get. Your landing page needs to be extremely clear, depending on what your goal is. 

Are you asking them to download an infographic? Or do you want them to register for an event? Whatever purpose your landing page serves, you need to explain what you’re offering. This creates a better user experience, and it also ensures that you’re getting more qualified leads. 

5. Make It Easy to Learn More 

You can’t always expect visitors on your landing page to convert right away. Sometimes they’ll want more information, or they’ll want to contact your business directly to ask questions. Make sure you link to your homepage on your landing pages and include contact information. 

These five tips are really just the beginning. If you need more help creating landing pages that convert, try asking the professionals for help. This Utah Marketing Agency is a great place to get started. 

Create Landing Pages That Convert 

Writing landing pages that convert can be tricky. Creating a perfect landing page takes time and trial and error to see what works best. But with these tips, you’re ready to create pages that are conversion machines. 

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