5 Tips for Marketing Your Construction Company

Construction in the United States is booming. Last November, the industry at large spent more than $1.2 trillion dollars, a 2.4 percent increase from the prior year.

In addition, the industry added more than 210,000 workers in 2017. This represented a 35 percent increase from the prior year.

With rapid growth and intense competition, marketing is a critical element to construction services. Marketing is the most effective way to get the word out about your construction services business.

Read on to explore marketing guidelines to help your business grow. Here you will learn 5 marketing tips to reach prospective customers.

1) Social Media Strategy For Your Construction Services Company

Every effective marketing strategy now includes social media. It is a cheap and popular mechanism to reach prospective clients in the local area.

There are several social media outlets to utilize. At a minimum, your company needs a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

For a small expense, you can utilize Facebook for local advertisements. These ads are tailorable by region and demographics for a targeted advertisement campaign. Instagram is a great way to show off your work with digital media.

2) Use Video to Enhance Digital Marketing

While images are nice, videos are the best way to win over younger clients. Millennials enjoy watching how-to videos and Snapchats.

Your company can use this to its advantage with video marketing. Take on-site videos showing off the company’s expertise and hard work.

Informational videos are also popular. Teach clients about topics important to your industry, such as what an easement is and why they’re important.

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3) Issue Press Releases for Large Contracts

Winning new business has a lot to do with building off of success. New clients prefer to hire reputable companies that have a steady customer base.

One way to demonstrate that your construction services are in demand is by issuing press releases. Develop a networking relationship with local news outlets so that press releases are picked up in the papers and online.

To ensure the press release is published, focus on the contract’s impact on the local community. For instance, describe what the new construction means for the community and how many local workers are employed by the job.

4) Build Lasting Relationships With Business Partners and Clients

Networking with business partners and clients is important for effective marketing. Building strong relationships is likely to lead to future work.

It is also valuable to maintain communication with existing customers. Social media helps on this front, but extend event invitations to clients and business partners.

This is a great way to establish a family-like environment. It keeps your company fresh in the minds of customers and partners alike. Lastly, it helps with referrals as these people spread the word for you.

5) Develop a Company Logo That Is Memorable

Your company logo should be recognizable and send a concise message to clients and partners. The company logo is on display for all physical and digital marketing.

Advertisements are more effective when the logo is quickly identified. Clients know just who to call when your company logo pops to mind.

Wrapping It Up

The construction industry is growing and is a fiercely competitive environment. To outpace your competition, an aggressive marketing strategy is imperative.

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Social media and video content is a great way to reach contemporary clients. Old school tactics like press releases and company logos are still effective.

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