7 Ways Expert SEO Services Helps E-Commerce Sites

Aside from its simplicity, e-commerce is extremely profitable. According to one Forbes article, it’s estimated that eCommerce sales will total over $2.1 trillion in just three years!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But it isn’t quite that simple. To maximize traffic and sales, it’s important to have a great SEO strategy.

However, most business owners don’t have the time needed to execute a great strategy. Therefore, it may be in a business’s best interest to hire some outside help.

Here are seven of the biggest ways that expert SEO services can help e-commerce sites!

1. Expert SEO Services Can Determine The Right Audience

Not everyone has the knowledge and know-how to find their audience. They may have a rough idea of who their target audience is, sure. But if a business wants to maximize its potential, they’ll need to dig deeper.

For instance, which of these sounds more helpful from a marketing standpoint?

“Millennial, entry-level job, USA” or “20-something, married, makes $35 thousand per year, southeastern US”?

The latter example is far more detailed and can be a lot more helpful in determining an SEO plan. For businesses who can’t seem to dig up anything more than the basics, it’s time to call the experts.

The right SEO service can help a business find more about their audience than they knew possible. What business wouldn’t want as much info as possible?

2. Expert SEO Services Can Increase Visibility

Here’s a fact: people love doing research before making a purchase. One study concluded that 81% of shoppers research a business before committing to a sale.

If an e-commerce site wants to maximize profits, they’ll need to set their sites on Google’s first page.

In the world of SEO, few things are cherished as much as a spot on the much sought-after first page of Google. These are the results that generate the most traffic.

The first result alone generates nearly 1/3 of the overall search traffic. This figure drops to 18% for the second result and around 12% for the third.

Still convinced the second page is okay?

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When it comes to e-commerce, site ranking is everything. Hiring expert SEO pros can take a business from nearly invisible to a smash hit.

3. Expert SEO Services Can Improve A Website

So far this article has dealt with a lot of generalized goals. It’s great to get to the front page of Google, but how exactly does one get there?

The first step is by having a fantastic website.

A business can have the nicest looking e-commerce store on the net, but if it isn’t usable it’ll barely rank. Imagine putting all that time and effort into a project, only to see it fail.

SEO pros know exactly what to do to improve a site. Whether starting from square one or just touching up a few bits of copy, SEO services can help.

In fact, many services, such as Cymax Media, offer web design services in addition to SEO. From tagging meta-data and incorporating the right images to simply getting a site to load faster, these experts can help every step of the way.

4. SEO Services Know How To Increase Engagement

It’s heartbreaking to see a business owner pour their heart and soul into their work, only to find out that their site is a veritable ghost town.

And one of the best ways to keep that from happening is to ensure that a site follows a brand engagement plan. Remember how we mentioned that customers scout businesses before making a purchase?

Part of that involves looking through reviews. See, people trust what others have to say more than they trust some words on a website.

That isn’t to say that great copy isn’t important. But businesses need to remember that customers have options. In order to succeed, some amount of brand engagement is an absolute necessity.

Expert SEO services know how to generate reviews, comments, and shares that can expose a business to a brand new audience.

5. SEO Pros Know How to Minimize Cart Abandonment

Statista recently published an article outlining the prevalence of cart abandonment. It’s an issue that plagues e-commerce shops of all shapes and sizes, and the numbers show why.

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On average, 83% of customers don’t follow through with a purchase. That’s around $6.2 million in lost sales.

When asked why, many reported that they simply felt that the checkout process took too long, or that they received too many error notices.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Those looking to maximize their profits need to minimize their checkout process.

A well-trained team of SEO experts can help a business clear through the clutter and make checking out easier and more enjoyable for consumers.

6. They Understand Effective Keyword Research

Of course, there are instances where a business’s problem isn’t usability or an overly long checkout process. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a lack of relevance.

Every business, blogger, and browser needs to understand the importance of keywords. These are the words and phrases that customers are likely to use when searching for products.

Without relevant keywords, an e-commerce shop is practically invisible.

7. Expert SEO Services Deliver Hand-Crafted Content

Even the most experienced blogger will say that there’s just not enough time in the day. And those running an e-commerce site know that this is especially true.

There’s so much to manage! Between updating photos, keeping track of inventory, and responding to customers, it’s easy to neglect one of the most important steps of SEO mastery: content.

Regular content is a great way to ensure that a site indexes well and keeps customers coming back. Don’t miss out simply because there isn’t enough time to do it all. Get a little bit of help and make life easier.

Every Business Could Use Some Help

SEO experts have so much to offer businesses. But it’s up to them to realize that they need the help. So don’t be afraid to reach out to a local service today and maximize results.

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