How I Make Money Online Selling Domain Name?

In make money online niche, most of the bloggers will tell you how to make money online with their secret tricks and techniques, but it is not going to be same over here. I most likely to be sharing how I make money online, it will be more on my personal experience with some solid proof. Frankly speaking, sometimes sharing experience is even better than teaching, it is truth!

Remember, there is no shortcut in making money online, every single cent we earn from the internet is exchanged with our time and effort. Bear in mind that only hard work pays off and you can see how I made my first $100 dollar online.

Alright, it’s story telling session and I’m going to share my personal experience on how I made money online by selling domain name, I didn’t get rich by selling domain name but it’s part of my overall online earning.

Where The Ideas Came From?

I have to rewind the time to 1.5 years ago, I used to read blog which is in my niche and see what other bloggers are doing, there is a top blogger who used to make money from affiliate program and also from various sources, he built a lot of websites in various niche and one of the top site he managed is a gaming related forum, it’s a forum about Starcraft 2. Anyway, he managed to push up the forum and become a semi-authority site which has quite a number of followers, it’s his strength and ability to do this.

One day, he published a blog post on his main blog and said that he got a buyer for the forum and he sold it, at a 5 figures amount. However, the Starcraft 2 forum was created before the actual launch by Blizzard, therefore he got an advantage by pushing up the selling price. There were a few advantages where he got point to highjack the selling price, such as exact domain name, pagerank, alexa rank and number of forumer. He also claimed that he made some money from the forum by selling affiliate products. Anyway, he deserved it.

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I was thinking how am I going to duplicate his footstep and make some money from there, I went ahead and did some research on the same niche, basically the research was more on the keyword research and availability of domain name, ended up I managed to purchase 3 domain names which are in gaming niche, they have similar concept with the Starcraft 2 forum which the domain name is going to be a hit when the games launches.

Domain Names Sold!

After I purchased all 3 domain names, I didn’t develop them at all for 1.5 years, so there is no value for all of them even I sell them off. Anyway, I got nothing to do with them even though I keep them for years. At the mean time, Diablo 3 launched days ago and I decided to list it on Flippa for sale. I packed the Diablo 3 domain name and Starcraft 2 which are launched days ago together for sale, I got no idea how much that I could sell with these domain names and I simply priced it at $1,000 for both.

Flippa Auction Listing

Flippa Auction Listing

After a week, no bid at all and I lower the selling price to $500 for both. So you think I sold it after that? No, I didn’t make it. At the last day of the listing, Flippa mailed me and reminded me that the listing is going to be ended without any bid and buyer. There was no hope for the sale, so I simply lower down the price again to $200 for both and went off. After several hours, I opened my mail and Flippa emailed that the domain names were sold at $200, and I also received payment from the buyer! I quickly contacted the buyer and pushed both domain names to her.

Flippa Email

Flippa Email

Wrap Up

I were unable to push the selling price of the domain name to 5 figures like the guy did since it was just purely domain name without any earning proof or traffic. Anyway, I didn’t get rich by selling these domain names, but I’m still able to make some money online by selling these. What I’m going to say is that I manage to proof that making money online by selling domain names is a legitimate way to make money online.

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When it comes to make money online, never ever put all the eggs in one basket, if the basket falls and all eggs are gone. Therefore, you need to monetize your blog in various ways and sum up to a beautiful figure.

Did you make money online by selling domain name? Or how do you make money online?

37 thoughts on “How I Make Money Online Selling Domain Name?”

  1. I have heard about before but I thought we could sell our website/blog only if we have good traffic, but this is the first time am hearing that we can make money through flippa by just selling our domain names thanks for sharing your experience, I will try it out…

    1. @Caroline,
      We can actually sell anything on Flippa despite the revenue or traffic of the site, as long as the site or domain name has high potential of growth, then it’s possible to sell no matter the site / domain name makes money or not.

  2. HI Lee,
    Nice article and very creative idea to earn money by buy/sell domain name.
    I would like to give it a try.
    I’ll ping you you if i got stuck somewhere.

  3. That’s really seems to be a great way to make money online, I should now start following this method to earn some extra income πŸ™‚ !

    1. @Priyangshu,
      Bro you’re doing good with your current method! You may try this and take this as your another source of making money online. Let me know if you find any problem with that. πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, selling domain names is an excellent way to make money online. But to do this, you need to be very creative and think ahead of others. Though I haven’t tried this yet, I completely agree with this way of making some money.

    1. @Faissal,
      Yes, creative and think ahead is the point. Bear in mind that we must expect to keep the domain name for a long period, perhaps months or years. In some case, the domain name doesn’t hit the market at all after keeping for years.

  5. Great post Lee Ka, and great experience you got there, maybe you priced it bit to low, but hey you sold them, it counts. I also sold couple of domains in the past, and it is good way to make money online. But it wasn’t for me, since I didn’t have any passion about it. Now I mostly make money from my niche blogs, advertising, affiliate sales and paid reviews. It’s all about passion and Idea, like you showed in this post.
    thanks for sharing.

    1. @James,
      I priced it high when I listed it but it couldn’t get even a single bid, therefore I lower down the price before the auction ended and it sold. Selling domain name to make money online is not easy unless you have some really brandable domain name. Anyway, it’s just part of the online earning, we never give up any sources which could bring us earning. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Lee, great job with the sale! So i’m wondering…have you been doing making money by doing this on a consistent basis? Domaining is really an interesting online business, and i’m looking to probably get a VA to do this on the side for us.

    1. @Josh,
      Nope Josh, I only do this once in awhile, it’s just part of my online earning sources. I did see some people are doing this on a consistent basis, it’s not easy to do this but it’s possible.

    1. @Bong,
      Not much people doing this because it takes time to make money, it depends on your creative and luck because nobody knows whether the domain name will be another hit in the market in future.

        1. @Bong,
          Yes, it might be luck and also depend on the trend, you have to foresee and think ahead of others. Once you have some ideas, purchase the domain name and keep it until the trend is there, then you should be able to make some profit from there. πŸ™‚

  7. Hii Lee..It’s good job you can sell your domain..i have try to sell my domain but never sold..haha
    maybe my domain’s name did’nt have sell value..
    btw want to share some information, you can buy some domain in godaddy with lowest price and sell it again in flippa..

    1. @Sutha,
      It’s not easy to sell domain if your domain name doesn’t sound outstanding, usually it depends on the trend like what I did. Addition, you have to keep it for years or maybe longer to get it sold. If you want to sell it fast, build up a website and add some content, it will be much more easier to get it sold. πŸ™‚

  8. I have not successfully sold any domain names yet. I used to know a friend who had many 3 and 4 letter domains that be purchased and kept it on GoDaddy hoping to sell it for a fortune one day. I did try buying a few deleted domains with the hope of page rank. Two to three weeks after purchasing deleted domains, the page ranks went to Zero in-spite of having quality back links. Google is pretty smart.

    1. @Arun,
      3 and 4 letter domains would be profitable, I believe that your friend can be selling these domains easily with high offer. Google crawls the sites very frequent, they will remove the pagerank and all ranking in the search engine once they notice that the domain name doesn’t has any website / blog attached to it. Anyway, you may just keep it or build a website and sell it in future.

  9. I want to sell my other domain name.. Can you please tell me that is there any entry fee for selling your domain.. Some one told me that flippa takes 21 USD for selling a single domain..!! Please let me know regarding this. Thanks !!

    1. @Dhruv Bhagat,
      I sold my domain name at Flippa. Yes, Flippa charge a fee for the listing, and also charge a success fee after you’ve successfully sold your domain name. Listing fee is minimum $19 for normal listing, while the success fee is 5% of your selling price. I would suggest you to sell your domain in bulk unless you have a really brandable domain name which can be sold in high price, otherwise the listing fee can be more than your selling price. Good luck dude!

  10. Okay.. Thanks a lot for replying to my query. Any other site you are familiar with ?? Which can help me sell my domain. ?? Your reply will be appreciated. Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for sharing your personal experience Lee. A week back I listed my PR3 Tech blog on Flippa, till now no bidders came forward. Are there any tips.

    PS: CommentLuv is not working.

    1. @Pavan Somu,
      Does your blog has any revenue? There is many factors that cause this, it may be your blog doesn’t has any revenue and traffic, or your selling price is too high, etc.

      Do you mind to share the listing url? I’ll have a look on that and give my opinion if possible.

      Thanks for your information on the CommentLuv, I’m trying to fix it up.

      Keep in touch Pavan!

  12. Hi,
    I too did not know that we can sell our domain names. I think, this can be possible if our domain is popular with readers who like it. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant idea to think of making money this way. Thanks for this post.

    Amit from iTechCode

    1. @Amit Shaw , I believe that one should work like you expanding number of blogs quickly and making all of them popular in just short time.. You should never think of selling.. πŸ™‚

    2. @Amit Shaw,
      We have to think ahead and foresee what is the domain name that will be a hit in coming days, do some research on the keyword and analyze the growth potential. Anyway, we need some luck for this. πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi, I too did not know that we can sell our domain names. I think, this can be possible if our domain is popular with readers who like it.

  14. I were unable to push the selling price of the domain name to 5 figures like the guy did since it was just purely domain name without any earning proof or traffic.

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