The Complete Guide to SEO for Pest Control Companies

Gone are the days of searching for pest control companies in the yellow pages. Now, customers are looking online to find your pest control company.

And it’s easy to understand why. Just a simple Google search displays numerous companies, reviews, and even options to compare prices and services.

But how do you stand out from the pact? You want customers to find your company first. Therefore, you need to utilize SEO.

If you want to draw in more customers from search engine results, read on and find out how to best utilize SEO for pest control companies.

Utilize Local SEO

There’s a difference between an online company performing SEO and a local company performing SEO.

Chances are, you won’t be traveling far for your business. So it’s best to appeal to customers by using local SEO for pest control companies.

Understanding local SEO is important because local SEO is different than regular SEO. There are different steps you must take and different resources you need.

For example, you need to have your company approved on Google and your headquarters to be verified on Google Maps.

You need to use specific keywords and tailor all content to your local area. When you link back to resources, it’s also best to use sources that are local to you.

Social media also tailors a lot to local SEO.

If you buy ads, they will appear on the social media pages of those who are near your zip code. Using content with local keywords and hashtags will help promote your organic posts to the local community.

Because of this, it’s best to hire a local SEO specialist or outsource an SEO firm that’s local to you.

Make Sure Your Information is Correct in Google

It’s important for you to personally verify your information on Google. But it’s easy to overlook this step with everything else you have on your plate.

Because of this, customers often upload this information. They usually do this to write reviews or easily recommend or refer you to someone else.

But it’s easy for a customer to get information wrong. They could spell your company name incorrectly, have the wrong phone number or address, and other factors such as days and times of operation could be incorrect.

What happens when the information is wrong? Well, your customers won’t be happy.

You’ll see several reviews that state something like ‘they didn’t pick up the phone’ or ‘the office was closed.’ And none of this was your fault since you weren’t the one who inputted the information.

To make sure your company is set for SEO for pest control companies, search your company name on Google.

If your company is in the search results, make sure all information is correct. If your company isn’t on Google, add the information in.

To do this, you go to ‘my business’ to Google and sign up. This way, your company comes up on a general Google search but also on Google maps.

Use Relevant Keywords

Optimizing keywords in your content is essential when optimizing SEO for pest control companies.

In short, keywords are what Google uses to leverage their search results. Internet users search specific terms, and Google grabs on to these terms when bringing up search results.

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However, keywords are more complex than this. You need to use keywords that are relevant to pest control companies.

For example, if you’re writing content on one of your services and you notice something else, such as veterinary care, is trending, do not use this keyword.

This is called ‘keyword stuffing’ and is defined as loading a web page with several keywords without any context.

Instead, use references such as Adwords to find keywords relevant to pest control or any of your services.

You can also utilize these same resources for local keywords. Search for popular keywords within the topics ‘pest control’ and the city your company is based in, such as Lake Norman Pest Control in Cornelius, NC.

Don’t Forget about Your Website

Your website has as much to do with SEO for pest control companies as your content.

You need to have a very powerful website that’s easy and fast to use with an attractive design. All of these factors will help boost your search engine results.

With a pest control website, your main objective is to help customers access your information.

Here is information you should include:

  • The pests you target
  • The services you provide
  • Your pricing
  • Customer service and contact information

Additional pages that are helpful include an About Us section, privacy policy (Google likes this a lot). Makes sure your URL corresponds to your company name for better SEO results.

You can have tabs that the customer can click and view. Or, you can have all information listed on the homepage.

Your website should be optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

When you external link to other sources, your website will perform better on Google searches.

However, you don’t want to link competitors. So what do you do?

Collaborate with other local businesses who work on homes. Engage cross-promotion with external linking to boost SEO for pest control companies. Perfect examples are lawn care, cleaning services, and plumbing.

In addition to external linking on the website, tag them in social media promotion. Share each others’ posts. Promote their services and specials, and have them do the same for you.

Other collaboration ideas include referral discounts, sales when using both company services, and an extra complimentary service with a referral.

Keep Tabs on Reviews

There are many reasons why you should pay attention to your reviews.

The main reason is obvious: you want to hear what your customers have to say. If they had a positive experience, you want to know. If they have any constructive criticism, you also want to know.

But having reviews also prove your legitimacy. When customers are commenting on your brand, Google recognizes this and boosts your search engine performance.

Even bad reviews are still better than no reviews in terms of SEO for pest control companies.

What can you do to increase reviews and boost rankings on Google? Open up the option for your customers to write a review. Increase that incentive by offering discounts or complimentary services when they write a review.

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You can also respond to reviewers; a ‘thank you’ to positive reviews and offering another service or a refund for those who were dissatisfied.

By following these tips, Google will promote your company more and you’ll gain more clientele.

Track Your Statistics

When you track the statistics of your website and social media, you’ll know where you’re improving and where you can use the help.

You can track metrics with resources such as Google Analytics. This will measure the number of website visitors you receive and provides other information such as their age range and gender.

You can use Google Analytics for social media, as well. You’ll view more information on those who like your company page and who engage in activity on your page.

If you don’t think it’s necessary to view specific information on your website and social media visitors, you should at least keep tabs on your web traffic. Your website service should offer this service with your website membership.

You can also view your traffic on all social media channels, and a comprehensive view on any trending posts or increase or decrease of likes.

Still unsure of how to view and measure these metrics? Set up conversions for yourself. These are goals that compare the intended amount of visitors versus the amount you’re actually getting.

If your monthly goal is to receive 400 website visitors but you only get 100 visitors, then you know you need to improve your digital marketing and SEO for pest control companies.

Use All Social Media Platforms

Most businesses use only social media platforms that will best benefit them. While this is effective and isn’t as time-consuming, you could be missing out on a large part of your clientele.

For example, when speaking in terms of SEO for pest control companies, businesses focus on social media platforms such as Facebook where they can enter in their information and appeal to those in their local area.

It seems Facebook is more beneficial than a social media channel like Twitter, where your company information and posts are limited in word count.

While that makes sense, it doesn’t mean you can’t use Twitter. Several people are always on Twitter, and posting simple tweets such as any sales or events will attract Twitter users.

Don’t forget about YouTube. Upload promotional videos of your company and services. You can also link these videos to your website and social media channels.

Time to Start SEO for Pest Control Companies

All businesses need to utilize SEO, but pest control companies have local searches and business verification to help.

However, it’s not enough; with competition on the rise, utilizing effective SEO is what will make or break a pest control company.

Appeal to your customers with reviews and social media while cross-promoting with other local companies. Utilize keyword-rich content and have a great website to back it up.

Your pest control company will do better on search results, giving you more clients.

If you need more SEO tips, visit our website for more resources and advice.