How to Improve Conversion Rates Using Google Analytics

It can be difficult to start doing the right moves if the data is insufficient. This is probably the reason why pay per click people thrive off the intuitive data packed spreadsheets and interfaces daily in the high speed Internet. When talking about the optimization of conversion rates, this is going to require specialized programs and data features that are beyond regular AdWords. The good news is, Google Analytics is capable of providing good measurement and analysis tools that will help people solve this problem.

Goal Conversions in Analytics
The goals will be able to track the actions that you want your users to take while they are visiting your website. Practically, these can be classified as either being micro or macro conversions. There are four types of goal conversions currently being offered by Analytics:

  • Destination: specific location such as web pages or app screens
  • Visit Duration: amount of time for visits
  • Pages/Visits: the number of pages or screens a visitor views
  • Event: an Event that you have defined and has been triggered by a visitor

All of these can be arranged into four different sets with 5 goals per set which will then total to 20 goals for each profile. As you may now realize, all of these can turn out to be quite versatile and will provide Analytics with the capability to measure just how well your app or website does its job. One of its main functions as well is that it can give the user powerful reporting features to help in improving the conversion rates.

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Product Performance
This feature is a good way for the user to fine new ideas on how they can improve their rate of conversion. It allows users to easily determine the volume and revenue for their accounts. As a means to improve conversion rate, a product may be highlighted within the landing page of the user or just take it out and create its own campaign through a dedicated budget.

In-Page Analytics
This feature is another one of the versatile reporting tools that will help PPC users enhance their conversion rates. Essentially, the tools will allow people to perform assessments visually at how the users will interact with the website. Users can view their goal value and transaction data here. With this kind of information, people can gain insight in the overall effectiveness of their page content.

Content Experiments
Previously known as the Website Optimizer, Content Experiments provide testing of website features directly within the Analytics interface. This amazing new feature will allow users to create A/B and multivariate landing page tests which will help improve the conversion rates.

The setup with this is quick and easy and will only require minor adjustments within the Analytics code snippet. There is a catch however and the user must have goals defined within their Analytics account wherein the system will be using this to monitor their statistics on each page to determine the winner. In this kind of process, Content Experiments is capable of helping people improve their conversion rates throughout their website in time.